There are a number of ministry opportunities that will lovingly draw you in to the LPI family of counselors, staff and leadership. We also have a number of Summer Camp sessions that serve a variety of campers. At each camp, there are abundant camp activities for all to participate in.

Before hiring, all staff – both returning and first timers – should complete an application.

All Applicants should submit 4 recommendation forms completed by previous employers, teachers, coaches, pastors, church or acquaintances (no relatives please). A position brief is available to inform the referee of the positions you are applying for. Be sure to include a position brief with each recommendation form. You should also review the summer schedule and the list of available positions.

To confirm hiring, please complete the Employee Packet. Completed forms should be returned to camp by NO LATER THAN APRIL 15. Please ensure you have everything on the Application Checklist which is included in the Employee Packet. For tax purposes, staff must also complete a Federal Form I-9, Federal Form W-4 and either a MI-W4 (Michigan & non-Indiana residents) or an Indiana Form WH-4 (Indiana Resident). Grand Rapids residents must also complete a Grand Rapids Income Tax Form.

Online Application for Employment
Recommendation Form
Brief Position Descriptions
2017 LPI Camp Summer Schedule

If you have any problems finding or filling out these forms, please contact us.